Library Struggles ~ In Which I Ramble On About Finding Good Books

Library Struggles


Hi guys! *Waves excitedly*

So as you may know, I like enjoy  love reading! Reading is a great hobby, it develops imagination and vocabulary, makes you use your brain, and is just all-round fun!

One problem…books cost money…money that (most of the time) I don’t posses. Thankfully this problem is easily solved!


Library’s are full of books, (Duh! XD) and mostly free! One down-side to the library is getting over whelmed. Maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but it sure happens to me! So here are some tips and tricks I’ve found helpful for finding good books in the library.


1. Don’t Worry Before You’ve Tried.

Until a few years ago, I never went into a library, I just bought all my books, because I was too nervous.

What if I damage a book? What if I don’t finish it in time to return it? What if I get a late charge on a book?

All of these things compelled me not to try the library. Until one day I couldn’t find a certain book anywhere! I looked high and low, west, and east, north and south, and… You get the idea. Finally my mom convinced me to look at the library. So after searching the library top and bottom, I found the book I had looked for, for months. And this rolls nice into point two.


2. Get Familiar With Your Library

As I said, I searched the library top and bottom, because I didn’t know where to look.

Getting to know your library is super helpful in finding the book you want. Knowing which shelves have what kind of books, knowing the divisions of your library etc. is a good thing!


3. Finding the Book

So, you’ve completed step one and two, now it’s time to find the right book!

Here are some tips!

  • First, look for a section of books you enjoy reading

Action? Mystery? Romance? It all depends on what you like. Try finding a section of your library that has the kind of books you want.

  • Second, scan the titles

Now that you’re in the right section, scan the titles of the books. Are there any that jump out at you? Any that catch your attention? Take them of the self and try the next step!

  • Third, look at the cover, and author

Does the cover look interesting? Have you ever heard of the author? Do you enjoy his/her other writing? All things to consider!

  • Fourth, don’t be afraid to read some of it

OK, guys. When I first went to the library, I couldn’t figure out why they had so many chairs and couches. And why those weird people were reading the books before they took them home.

Until it came to me. You can read some of the book before you take it home, to see if you like it! It was like an epiphany! Now I have a favorite seat in the library were I always go to read some of the book. (The seat is blue and very comfy, if you must know. XD)

  • Fifth and final, try new things

Step out of your favorite kind of books, and try a different kind, you might like it too! I used to only, exclusively, and singly read mysteries. There was no other kind of book, in my book.  Then, mom made asked me to read a historical fiction for school. And guess what?

I enjoyed it.

So yeah. That wraps up my first real post! I hope it wasn’t too boring, so that you guys may have been able to enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!

 ~ The Human



Hello, World!


I’m The Human, a teen aged girl who lives on a farm, loves reading, and really enjoys photography.

This blog is for me to share my nature photography, love of books and other random things.



So I guess I’ll start with a few things about me.

2017-11-02 01-54-16 - 0886.JPG

I am home-schooled.

2017-11-02 01-56-14 - 0899.JPG

I love horse-back riding.

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I am a junior archer in the JOP.

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And in the winter, I enjoy downhill skiing.

So that’s about it! I’m not sure how interesting I actually am, thus I’m not sure if this blog will be very interesting to read, but I hope some of you out in the wide wide world will enjoy them!

Thanks for reading!

~ The Human